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Need private advice? Sometimes you can't or don't want to talk to friends or relatives. In those cases, we provide an objective third party to advise you on your situation. We used to offer personal advice services via e-mail, but sometimes even that isn't fast enough when you really need to talk to someone immediately about your issues.

We're now recommending a live advice service . That means just minutes from now you could be talking via instant messenger or on the phone with the personal advisor of your choice. Advisors are available around the clock. There are relationship experts, life coaches, parenting experts, and experts with experience in many other areas. All sessions start free while you determine if you feel comfortable that the advisor is right for you.

We've added live expert grids on each of our main advice column pages when appropriate. That means that you'll instantly be able to see experts in that area who are standing by waiting to talk to you about your personal issues.

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Get to know our advice columnists. Free advice columns have been a mainstay of newspaper and magazine publishing for many years. Now, meet the next generation who will take the industry online and in print.

Dear Matthew - Matthew dispenses free relationship advice in this classic advice column covering love, dating, family, friends, and more.

Cleaning Up With Ellen - Household hints expert Ellen dishes out the tips and tricks that keep your household running smoothly.

Dear Incompetencia - College humor is just the beginning in this college advice column. You've never heard advice quite like this before.

Deskbound Dan - Dan helps you take on crazy co-workers, bullish bosses, and everything else that makes life in corporate America a uniquely stultifying experience.

Restaurant Secrets - Anna dishes the dirt on what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite eating places. You might think twice about eating out next time.

Plus many more advice columns!

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Thoughts On Obtaining Advice Online

People often wonder if they can trust getting personal advice on the internet?

Personal Advice Columns have been around for a very long time. Believe it or not, almost every newspaper now has at least one as do many relationship oriented websites. These particular columns often get a lot of interest as not all of us are confident enough to directly speak with someone about our problems. In fact, a lot of people actually read the columns to see if their particular problem has been mentioned.

These people steer clear from actually personally asking for advice for a number of reasons. As previously mentioned, they might not be comfortable talking about the problem, they might be scared of what the advice is going to be, or they might not trust the provider to be confidential. Fortunately for you, there has been a recent surge in the number of personal advice columns online which can benefit you in more than one way.

The Internet has been great for various different industries and for various different reasons. In the personal advice world, it has given someone who is scared to talk something extremely special; a completely hidden identity. The Internet has enabled everybody to essentially be somebody else as they interact with millions of people all over the world. The greatest part is there is no real way to tell who is on the other end sitting behind the screen. For those seeking advice, this can be used to their advantage.

A lot of web based Personal Advice providers use either email or live chat services to contact you directly. Unless stated otherwise, your conversation will be completely confidential and not posted anywhere on the web. (Of course, this doesn’t apply if you are writing to an advice columnist. In that case, you would expect to read your problem and its proposed resolution published in a future advice column.) This not only means that your information is further hidden, it means you can use a completely false identity if you are scared of anything being found out or brought back to you in any way.

Here is a small list of advantages from using such services on the internet:

- Live chat services mean that you get your personal advice in minutes. Until you become completely comfortable with the advice giving service or the professional advisor, you can use a private identity for initial contact.

- Live chat and email means that the conversation is kept completely between you and the person offering advice

- Writing to an advice columnist is free while seeking feedback from a personal advice giver online is less expensive than seeking counseling offline.

- There are plenty of advice columnists on the internet, meaning you should always be able to get advice when you need it most

The truth is that once you have the courage and trust in someone to tell them your problems, you will be able to find advice online. One thing you must remember however, is that no matter what the person on the other end advises you to do, the final decision must be your own. You have to take responsibility to act on the information presented and ensure it makes sense for you in your personal situation. Only you will know the true extent of the relationship between you and whomever else the issues encompass. Asking for help is always a step in the right direction.

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